We meet to discuss your project, develop an understanding of your requirements and answer any questions you may have about our process. At the end of this meeting we may ask for a detailed brief to assist us in the design.


Once the project scope is agreed, we ask our clients to sign an “Instruction for Preparation of Design and Documentation” form to cover the cost of the design work. If you wish we can also give you a quote to complete the sketch plans. At this stage we review the scope of works and give you an indication of the specialist consultants that will be required. We also research the site to identify any issues that may impact on the design such as council requirements or easements from infrastructure.


Using your brief and data collected we begin the design process. Designs evolve over time. During this time ideas are discussed, contemplated and reworked until together we arrive at the best solution. This solution will balance what you want, what is practical from a structural perspective and what your budget will allow.

At this stage we also develop a budget based on the sketch plans. Some individual or unusual design features can add considerably to the construction costs of your project and, if included, may necessitate an increase in your budget or a reduction in your requirements. This may require sketch plans to be revisited and altered.

We will also create an interactive walk-through model of your project. This takes the traditional 2D drawings to 3D which helps us clearly communicate the design and highlight features which can otherwise be difficult to visualise.

Once sketch plans and budget have been approved we begin the process of developing working drawings. These drawing include electrical plans, hydraulic plans, window schedules and details of how elements of your project fit together structurally. The working drawings are used to obtain building approval and quotations from sub contractors.


There are many specialists who may need to be consulted at different stages of your project. These specialists include soil experts, land surveyors, engineers, bush fire attack level assessors, energy efficiency assessors and building surveyors. We collate and incorporate all this information in our drawings, specifications and documentation to ensure a smooth approval process when applying for planning, building, plumbing and special plumbing permits from your local council. Your project may also require us to work with other bodies such as the Tasmanian Heritage Council.


We plan and design your complete project. Everything from colours, finishes, appliances, building works and technologies are considered until all of your requirements are addressed. Finalising these finer details at the design stage ensures your selections are accounted for with appropriate planning, structures and services.