What makes Mirowski different?

What should you do first before seeking Mirowski?

 What do you need to consider when building a home?

What about council requirements and red tape?

What do you need to consider when buying land?

What type of commercial projects have Mirowski worked on?

Do you do renovations and extensions?

 Can I live at the house while renovations or extensions are taking place?

 What does the Mirowski design process involve?

What is the design and construct process?

What are the advantages of design & construction?

What are the three methods of building? 

 Do you keep a record of your work?

Do you keep up to date with latest building trends?

 What time frames can you expect?

What permits and approvals do I need?

 What is a Project Builder?

What is our quality control process?

How much can I expect per metre?

How do you make sure you find the right sub contractor?